Such a busy week!

Hi Folks,

Wait ’till I tell you about the week we just had.  The orders now are coming in thick and fast.  Shane has done wonders on twitter and the reaction has been great.  It’s so nice to see tweets from people who visit our site and come back to tell us that they love it!  As well as getting orders out we have been getting our Christmas signs ready for upcoming Christmas markets. I think we have enough Irish Signs and Christmas gifts made to do us until Christmas Eve.  The personalised signs are ready too and all we need to do is place names on them and ship them off.


Another exciting thing was we put our first shop display into Enchanted – The Christmas Shop in Ennis and the girls there have been phoning in their orders every second day.  We no sooner had the display in the shop then customers were over admiring the Personalised Christmas signs and I could hear names being mentioned in the background 🙂

We are still coming up with new designs for novel Irish Signs and we have added a few more this week.  Take a look at our Irish Shop here and see “It’ll Be Grand Sur”, “You’re A Right Langer Alright” & “100% Pure Bogger”.  We added a few new chalkboards as well in animal blackboard shapes, pig, cow & hen.  You can see these here

Chat soon folks







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