Such a busy week!

Hi Folks, Wait ’till I tell you about the week we just had.  The orders now are coming in thick and fast.  Shane has done wonders on twitter and the reaction has been great.  It’s so nice to see tweets from people who visit our site and come back to tell us that they love it!  As well as getting

Halloween Ole Style

Halloween was spooky as usual, with our kids having great fun with the ole games we used to play ourselves, snap apple, cherry on the flour game and answering the door to cutely dressed trick or treaters! Now that Halloween is over we are back in the workshop designing and creating new ideas for Personalised Irish Christmas Decorations again this

A full week of Great Craic!

Well with all the hard work that we have put into our new Irish signs website we’re “happy out” with your response so far.  With only a week down we have reached a lot of people around the world who have come back to tell us they like what they see! Thank you to all who emailed, called or sent

Hello World and welcome to my blog!

  Hello World and welcome to my blog! Claire here, and I was born in the seventies, grow up in the eighties, danced through the nineties and since the millennium I have ran my own business. I grew up in a hurley makers house and always had a keen interest in the business side of it, so when I was