New Year after a great Christmas

So it’s January already and time is flying.  With all the goings on around Christmas I haven’t had time to post. A quick summary is probably the best I can do.

So Christmas Markets… Well we did a few, a lot actually and as we travelled around selling our ware we get such a great reaction from our customers.  We visited Kilmaley, Quin, Limerick Milk Market, Shannon, Sixmilebridge Mart to mention a few.  We have noticed there is a theme running through customers approaching our stall.  First they walk up with that mute shopping face we all get and then when they see our colourful stall they are a little puzzled. We await the eureka moment when suddenly they start to take notice and can hear their mammy in their head!  “Where’s the Wooden Spoon, The Good Scissors, Where You Going with That Yoke on Ya!” Each sign reminds them of someone they know, “Now We’re Suckin’ Diesel, Happy Be the Man Who Gets You!, Keep Her Country” and we finally welcome their own contributions of sayings that remind them of home! It’s such a fun stall! We are so lucky.

Doonbeg Christmas Market was the best one to date with over 20,000 visitors in one weekend.  The staff and people of Doonbeg are really lovely and have created a magical Christmas atmosphere. We would recommend anyone to take a trip next Christmas.

We took a break over the Christmas holidays and there was a little matter of a surprise birthday party too! Thanks to all my family, we had a great night!  They tell me I’m officially 29 forever now!

Can’t wait to tell you how January is going already so I’ll get that in the next post very soon.

See ya later!



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