A full week of Great Craic!

Well with all the hard work that we have put into our new Irish signs website we’re “happy out” with your response so far.  With only a week down we have reached a lot of people around the world who have come back to tell us they like what they see! Thank you to all who emailed, called or sent comments!  We love the way our Irish signs are getting people smiling and chattin’ about Irish sayings they like.  Its so much fun we can’t believe we didn’t do this donkey’s years ago.

Some of you have made suggestions for us to add to our Irish gift shop and so we are making records of all your suggestions. We plan to add these Irish saying suggestions to our Irish shop as we go along.  Remember if you have Irish sayings, that ring a bell with you, let us know and we will add them to the list! You can send us a message on our contact page, and if we make your Irish saying, you will be the first to know when we have added it to our shop.

With only 60 days left ’til Christmas arrives, we are planning to take our Irish signs to upcoming Christmas markets and so pop over and say “hello”.  You will find us selling our Irish Saying signs along with personalised christmas gifts, home decor signs and personalised children’s gifts.

Good Luck awhile!


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