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Personalised Gifts Are The Best Gifts

Here at Avokado & Co, we’re all about those extra special personalised gifts, those types of gifts that are individual to the person, the things that can’t be bought in any old place. These are the type of gifts that we are passionate about! Personalised gifts are special for many reasons. They show that you have taken the time to

‘Becoming Eco Friendly’ Tips

The world is changing, and we’re all feeling it. As our environmental footprint continues to grow we need to continue to make little changes in our daily lives to be more eco-friendly. Every little bit counts! You may have seen quick tips that we’ve been posting on our social media pages, here we explain some more in-depth and offer more

Gift Guide For Every Occasion

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect gift.  You may have a number of occasions upcoming and can’t decide what to get anyone. We know the feeling! But we of course have a solution, as always! We compiled the below gift guide divided by occasion to give you some inspiration for those upcoming events. This gift guide include Communions, Confirmations,

Avokado & Co’s Wall Art Collection

We at Avokado & Co have been working hard for the past few months to bring you a brand new eco-conscious collection of wall art pieces that are sure to bring some fun into your home! We wanted to create a collection of pieces that were quirky and fun, but also sustainable, durable and convenient which we have managed to

New Collection Launch at Showcase 2020

Hi Everybody, With Spring nearly upon us and the evenings getting shorter we have been busy with our new materials creating new gift ideas over the long winter evenings. I wanted to create something new that would have the same cool design, colours and Irish charm that Avokado & Co is known for. Ye were asking us if we did

A little pick me up on a Monday!

Hiya Folks, Since we launched our Wellness range this year, we have got such a great response! Thank you to all of you who have purchased them and we are sure it is brightening up your day, where ever you placed it. In fact us Irish have always been showing wellness and motivation to each other, shur the first thing