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Personalised ‘Lovely Hurling’ Gift from Avokado & Co

Looking for gift ideas for a hurling fan? Avokado & Co have the perfect gift for anyone that is mad into the hurling. You can now purchase a ‘lovely hurling’ personalised gift for the hurling fan in your life. The personalised ‘lovely hurling’ gift includes a 3D hurley which can be personalised with a name as well as your county

2016 Going Well !

Hi Folks, I hope you have all have spotted our new range of Avokados for 2016 already! We get very excited when we have new sayings on the go here!  A lot of people wonder how do we come up with them and all we can say is that our customers are forever giving us new ones. Sometimes I just listen

So Where Can We Be Got Around the Country

  Everyone has been telling us that they spotted us here and there and so I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the lovely supportive outlets that are selling our Irish signs and magnets. These people are gems are very supportive of selling Irish, and are our friends now too!  If you are out

Take a Trip to West Clare – Reminisce & Unwind

On an idle Sunday, husband at the wheel, we took off for a day out in West Clare.  Heading west from Ennis the road to Kilrush & Kilkee is a straight one, more or less, with some gorgeous new houses settled into the landscape.  Sitting at their side one can see the their parent’s homes. They may be older & smaller but were adequate for their

New Year after a great Christmas

So it’s January already and time is flying.  With all the goings on around Christmas I haven’t had time to post. A quick summary is probably the best I can do. So Christmas Markets… Well we did a few, a lot actually and as we travelled around selling our ware we get such a great reaction from our customers.  We

Craft Fair at Ballymaloe, East Cork

Hi Folks, I’m writing to tell you just how busy a week we just had.  Last weekend we had our first stall at Ballymaloe Craft & Design Fair.  It was our first occasion to actually sell our Irish Signs to the public.  The reaction was great!  Everyone was attracted to our Irish Gift Stall and it was a pretty site

Such a busy week!

Hi Folks, Wait ’till I tell you about the week we just had.  The orders now are coming in thick and fast.  Shane has done wonders on twitter and the reaction has been great.  It’s so nice to see tweets from people who visit our site and come back to tell us that they love it!  As well as getting

Halloween Ole Style

Halloween was spooky as usual, with our kids having great fun with the ole games we used to play ourselves, snap apple, cherry on the flour game and answering the door to cutely dressed trick or treaters! Now that Halloween is over we are back in the workshop designing and creating new ideas for Personalised Irish Christmas Decorations again this