A little pick me up on a Monday!

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Hiya Folks,

Since we launched our Wellness range this year, we have got such a great response! Thank you to all of you who have purchased them and we are sure it is brightening up your day, where ever you placed it.

In fact us Irish have always been showing wellness and motivation to each other, shur the first thing we ask a friend is “howya”!

Irish generations of families have been cheering each other on with Mammy saying “Go out there and do your Best”, Nana saying “Laughter is the best medicine” and Dad saying “It’ll Be Feckin’ Grand”. All we did at Avokado & Co is listen to our own friends telling us to “G’wan Try it For The Craic” and when we did Avokado & Co took off and here we are all these years later still making people smile!

Since we would like to spread the importance of wellness to as many people as we can,  we have decided to make Mondays better!

From now on, each Monday we will be picking our favourite Avokado & Co Wellness products and posting them out on social media to motivate each one of our followers and bring a smile to the start of the week!

Keep an eye out for them and be sure and let us know if there is any motivational sayings you think we should include in our range.  we love to hear from you!

Have a nice Monday & the rest of the week too!

Chat soon

Claire x

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