2016 Going Well !

Hi Folks,

I hope you have all have spotted our new range of Avokados for 2016 already! We get very excited when we have new sayings on the go here!  A lot of people wonder how do we come up with them and all we can say is that our customers are forever giving us new ones. Sometimes I just listen to conversations (sorry) happening’ around me and get a giggle when I hear someone saying an Irish saying just as part of their lingo.  My phone is full of them and when the time comes we write them all out and shortlist them down to whose gonna cut the mustard!

One that everyone was asking us for was, “There’s A Grand Stretch In The Evenin’ “, so we added it to our new range and it is flying out the door.  See it here https://avokadoandco.com/cms_files/product/theres-a-grand-aul-stretch-in-da-evenin

We felt it was time to add in a newer saying, one that perhaps your mother didn’t say to you when you were young but one that most people are told at some stage at the moment! Yes you guessed it “Put Away Dat Feckin’ Phone” !  Click here to see it https://avokadoandco.com/cms_files/product/put-away-dat-feckin-phone

If you,re around about the country you will see our signs in shops here and there. We are very grateful to our retailers who add us to their range.  They love selling Irish and so the fit works.

And don’t forget we can personalise your own “Irish Saying” for you. Check it out here: https://avokadoandco.com/cms_files/product/your-personalised-sayings

Alternatively if you think we of an Irish saying that we have not included we would love to hear from you.

Message us on our contact page: https://avokadoandco.com/cms_files/contact-our-gift-shop

Slan for now




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